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SpankyStokes x AnyOldIon Toys - "Red" edition sofubi Ion Men robos release at D-Con!!!

 photo IonMen-SpankyStokes.jpg
We are finally ready to release the "Red" version of our awesome Ion Men figures from Anyoldion Toys and Designer-Con will be the official release of these sofubi robos. Released in very limited quantities at SDCC 2013, the first ever seven part sofubi minis coming out of Japan, sculpted by Siccaluna Koubo, created by Anyoldion and manufactured by Velocitron will drop in the "Red" edition. Featuring 7 different heads, two different bodies and torso's, two different shoulder joints and six different hands, these interchangeable figures stand almost 5" tall and really are awesome... and i'm not just saying that because our Stroll Mascot "Strollbot 2.0" is one of those awesome heads... these really are rad figures!

 photo ionmenstroll.jpg
Available at the SpankyStokes booth #201, these will be blind-bagged with custom header cards... and the reason it took so long to release these... well, we wanted to do something special. We teamed up with authorized bootlegger, Dodgrr, to create resin "Strollbot 2.0" heads... and each figure comes with it's own Stroll head... that actually fits into the sofubi figure as well! You want more... well, we customized 10 OMFG Series 1 Strolls as well and they will be randomly inserted into the blind bags... all of this for just $25 a bag... SWEET!!!

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