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Simply Stunning! RxSeven's "Rosewood Samurai" custom Mega Munny for Designer Con!

It has been a while since we heard hide-nor-hair from Texas-based artist RxSeven, whose talented hands continue to transform simple pieces of vinyl into objets d'art that not only make your jaw drop in their beauty but also explore the fragile relationship between life and death within the natural world. But, thankfully, RxSeven's silence hasn't meant a thing… other than he was busy working; he'll have two fantastic pieces at the Vinyl Thoughts Nation booth for Designer Con, one being the "Rosewood Samurai" pictured above and below. Conceptually, he's a "bionic Samurai resurrected through Nature. His Purpose in this world is to protect the weak and serve the forest." In more tangible terms, this completely resculpted one-of-a-kind Mega Munny stands 22-inches tall and the bionic hand element incorporates working lights into it! If you want to add this simply stunning sculptural work to your original art collection, then please contact the artist directly (rxsevenart [at] gmail [dot] com) to place inquires and/or a reservation on this $770 collection centerpiece.

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