J★RYU x Vampy - 18-inch customized "Zombie" Mega Munny's on display at Kidrobot retail locations!

Kidrobot has teamed up with J★RYU and Vampy for an incredible set of 6 custom "Zombie" themed Mega Munny's! Each one contains so much detail, it will make your head spin right off. From the fantastic outer layer of the blood drentched hand sewn clothes, to the grotescque sculpted mayhem... these 6 figures are decked out from head to toe... but what you can't see is what's really fantastic. Almost every one of these figures contains a hidden scene where the face detaches from the body to reveal an awesome diorama... we've said it once already, but we'll say it again...so much detail, care and attention went into each one! Two of these customs are up for grabs HERE right now, and the others will be on display and up for grabs at each Kidrobot retail location!

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