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Huck Gee's "Memories of a ClutterMunk" Three Print Series!

"Of what does a ClutterMunk dream? Are they haunted by their past? Of memories uncertain? Or do they dream of bold adventures... in home cobbled air filled flying apparatus? Or perhaps their dreams are of being great warrior munks... honorable zen ronin travelling the land, following the path of bushido? Or do their dreams recall happy remembrance... of clan, of family, of love and happiness... Of what does a ClutterMunk dream?" Huck Gee just posted to his online store a trio of prints, all of which are printed on fine art watercolor paper (225gs), measure 10" x 10" (8"x 8" with 1" border), signed, numbered and gold embossed. This is a limited edition run of 100 per print, and they are retailing HERE for just $30 per print. Go gab em!

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