LEGO "Legends of Vinyl" by Artbot138 featuring Sucklord, Buff Monster & Scott Tolleson for D-con!

 photo dcon-set-1.jpg
James Garrett aka ARTBOT138 has been busy cranking on some exclusives for D-Con... and above are the fruits of his labor! He went and created a limited run of "Art Toy Artist", guys who he looks up to and wanted to pay homage to them. Introducing Lego Sucklord, Lego Buff Monster, and Lego Scott Tolleson! These rad figures come completely decked out, Buff has a Melty Misfit poster and mowhawk, Sucklord has his boombox, cape and helmet, and Scott has a beet, argyle, glasses, and hat... RAD!!! These will be up for grabs at the Vinyl Thoughts booth #830... so swing by to get your very own!

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