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Jeff Lamm x Unbox Industries - M5 BRAVO "Battle Damaged" edition... coming soon?!?!?

 photo battledamaged-m5bravo.jpg
Jeff Lamm and Unbox Industries continue to work together on some pretty rad projects and just revealed is a new'ish version of "M5 BRAVO" in what they are calling the Battle Damaged edition!!! "This Giant mechanized robo monster took some hits battling Greasebat, but is still in operable condition. Luckily his giant jelly filled eyeball is still intact!" As you can see there are some visible things going on here... like the busted TV screen, the stripped flesh from the leg, and the missing arm... but what you can't see is the exposed spine and other rad sculpted elements going on in the back! No word on when these will release, but I know it's gotta be soon... as Jeff is already working on the header art!

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