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threeA × HALO's "EMILE A-239 Spartan-III" & "Spartan Mark V EVA" figures!

The fantastically detailed releases in threeA's officially Halo line finally gets a second series of figures released: "EMILE A-239 Spartan-III" from Noble Team Six (below) and the Bambaland Exclusive "Spartan Mark V EVA" (above). Each of these 13.5-inch tall, 1/6th scale figures has a fully articulated (down to even the fingers!) body covered in a rubberized suit and fiber-optic illuminated combat armor, with such notable touches as magnetized shoulder shields, cloth tactical soft case with functioning clasps, M45 Tactical shotgun, removable Kukri knife with sheath, removable grenade canisters, and magnetized grenade shields. Both these figures will be available for pre-order starting on August 29th, 2013 at 6PM Pacific time in the Bambalandstore for $220 apiece.

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