Scott Tolleson's "Trayjus" is taking form... and it's all sculpted by Scott!!!!

 photo Trayjus-scotttolleson-spankystokes.png photo Trayjus-scotttolleson-head-sculpt-spankystokes-dragatomi.jpg photo Trayjus-scotttolleson-head-sculpt-spankystokes-dragatomi-2.jpg
Not even remotely known for his sculpting skills, artist Scott Tolleson decided to step out of his comfort zone for an upcoming solo show launching this October at Dragatomi. He wanted to make his own original figure, and sculpt and cast it himself... and above is a really amazing work in progress of his figure that he is calling "Trayjus"!!! I don't know about all of you guys, but this looks to be a pretty awesome figure and the fact that Scott hasn't sculpted since his college days... well, let's just say that it's like riding a bike for him... good stuff dude! Using Sculpy firm along with wire and tinfoil armatures, this figure is really shaping up. To follow the progress of this figure, follow Scott on his Instagram feed HERE.

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