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Mighty Jaxx's Plastic Foundry releases "Chrome Silver" Inferior Troopers pack!

 photo silvertrooper2.jpg
With the team behind Mighty Jaxx lending the same amazing quality to Plastic Foundry, it's no wonder their amazing resin releases — like the above pictured "Inferior Troopers: Chrome Silver" set — are so stunningly beautiful. The Chrome set features four Star Wars-esqe Imperial lackeys but garbed as soldiers and military minded men of Earth's bygone past. Joining the previously released designs — Empire Youth, Commander, and Scout — are the brand new (and detailed below) sculpt inspired by the Qing Dynasty soldier's garb, the final imperial dynasty of China and one that was marked with unrest & rebellion. These gorgeous reinterpretations of those troopers from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away are limited to an unknown quantity. Available now, these mainly 2.75-inch tall figures are in the Plastic Foundry online shop for $80 per set.

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