Scott Tolleson x Freak Store - "Baxstar" Fonzo production piece... up for grabs at SDCC 2013!!

 photo scotttolleson-baxstar-fonzo-sdcc2013-spankystokes.jpg
Back in January, My Plastic Heart and Freak Store hosted the custom show titled "Fonzo Loves NY" where artists tackled the Fonzo vinyl platform. One of said artists was Scott Tolleson, who submitted his design of "Backstar" which by the way was a misspelling on the galleries part... but that's neither here nor there, what's really important is that just like Scott's "Uncle Argh" Qee that started from a custom at a custom show and was made into a production figure... the folks over at Freak Store liked Scott's "Baxstar" so much, they decided to make it into a production piece... and above is that figure! Spotted on the last Toy Break, Scott mentions that his "Baxstar" Fonzo will drop at his booth #5139 during SDCC 2013! Limited to 200 pieces, this 6" vinyl figure turned out awesome, and is a fantastic replication of Scott's custom piece (posted HERE). See kids... dreams do come true, and production figures DO happen form really tight customs submitted to shows... well, that and Scott is really amazing at what he does!

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