ArtmyMind's strong sword-bearing "Tsuyoi Ken" custom for MunnyMunth!

Though voting for Kidrobot's previously announced MunnyMunth contest might be over, there were some fantastic entries at the eleventh hour that should certainly be noted, including this custom piece by ArtmyMind. Titled "Tsuyoi Ken," which is Japanese for "strong sword" (強い剣), this meticulously sculpted, painted, and cloth draped piece does indeed wield a rather large and powerful looking weapon… one that could even be described as having comically anime-like size, being proportionally even bigger than a nodachi (Japanese two-handed long sword), as it appears to be roughly the same height as the Munny who carries it! Regardless of realism, this character perfectly fits into the strangely mythical and feudal Japan that ArtmyMind have been evolving with their pieces; we can only hope that, one day, they start letting us know even more about this world they populate with perfect pieces.

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