The Walking Dead "Mystery Minis" from Funko... are AWESOME!!!

 photo WalkingDead-miniseries-toys-TheWalkingDead-zombies.jpg
This is some fantastic news... and hot damn did Funko do an amazing job on this upcoming mini series based on the graphic novel that is based of the hit AMC television show, The Walking Dead as they have a rad new mini series of blind box'ed figures coming out! Entitled the "Mystery Minis", this series features a whole slew of 2.5" Mystery Minis including both Daryl and Merle in clean/bloody clothes, 8 zombies, and 4 zombie variants... so you basically have the brothers vs the zombies in this series!

 photo TheWalkingDead-Ratio-Toys-walkingdead-spankystokes.jpg
So if you watch the show, you will recognize some of these zombies as they are particularly memorable... especially that "Well" zombie... and if you look closely, it appears that he splits in half... and according to Funko... he does, and his guts are exposed... SO AWESOME!!! Check out that ratio chart above, and set your calendars and alarms for June 20th because that's when these are gonna drop! I have a feeling that these will do extremely well... and hopefully will usher in more series of this franchise featuring other characters fro the show!

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