A trio of customs and a new shirt pre-order from TurboPistola!

 photo 521.jpg
Are you ready for a full frontal blast of TurboPistola... well, brace yourself because dropping tomorrow, May 21st 5.21 at 1pm EST is a trio of awesome customs and a new shirt pre-order. First up is a custom glow in the dark "Deadbeet" embellished some blue, pink, purple, black and red paints... a nice looking Beet! Next is a custom "Turtum Micci" that features some beautiful gradients and painted on details, and lastly is a fantastic custom resin "Skekiltor" which has a flurry of different colors and rubs... cool!

 photo greyshirt.jpg
The shirts are of his "Elephantos" logo design, and the are going to be up for pre order in a variety of colors, for both the ladies and the gents... another piece of apparel worthy of wearing!

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