Teodoru Badiu's Wippo travels to Austria to put on a show!

Right from the get go, I thought that Teodoru Badiu's "Wippo" had the right balance of cute and cool to be a popular piece. The 5-inch resin cast platform was released by Circus Posterus, which is always a good sign, and now the platform will be traveling to Austria?!? Yes, "The Wippo Show" is a mini-exhibition of Badiu's wonderful creation, featuring some one-off customs, DIY blanks, and even Wippo inspired prints! If you happen to be around adhocPAD (Kienmayergasse 22, 1140 Bécs, Austria) on May 17th, 2013 from 5-10PM local time, then swing on in and see the magic of the Wippo in-person!

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