"Strawberry Daiquiri" custom Munny by Blazon Brikhaus... is delightfully delicious!

 photo Strawberry-Daiquiri-1-sq.jpg
Liz S. of Blazon Brikhaus just sent over her piece for the upcoming "New Beginnings" Show on May 11th at Suburban Vinyl! Titled "Strawberry Daiquiri", this is second in a series of "cocktail goddesses" that Liz has created, and it's super clean. Liz tells us "When I first started customizing I looked to do things that would attract males because the industry is probably 90 percent men. A family member said to me, why don't you do females? I did quite a few and called them goddesses." It's a really nice balance between the normal monsters/creatures she creates, and is sure to be a hit! Check out more of her work HERE, and if you are heading out to the show... pick this one of a kind custom up for your own personal collection!

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