Sgt. Krugg, Hippo Titan Soldier... wait, what?!?!

 photo HTSSgtKruggBackjpg.jpg
I bet you thought our site was hacked with a post title like that... nope, Chuck Testa! Okay... in all seriousness though we have some news about a brand new resin figure from Ben Spencer... and if you haven't already put 2 and 2 together by looking at the above photo and the title of this post... his name is "Sgt. Krugg, Hippo Titan Soldier"! "From the planet Kabagiff, in the solar system that revolves around the blue star Anubis 5, comes Sgt. Krugg, Hippo Titan Soldier! Under the benevolent rule of Imperator Zog, the Kabagiffian are a heroic and militaristic race who rebelled against General Gorgax and his Evil Mutant Legion with the help of Galaxxor 001. Given the divine sanction of The Seven Space Gods, The Kabagiffian Army staunchly defends its planet from invasion and also lends assistance to peacekeeping Galaxxors when additional support is required." Sgt. Krugg was designed, sculpted and mashed up by Ben Spencer and engineered and produced in resin by ManOrMonster? Studios. He features 3 points of magnetic articulation (waist and shoulders), as well as a blunderbuss accessory, which can be held in his hand or magnetically mounted on his hip or back. Krugg was hand painted by Ben Spencer. This figure is limited to an edition of 5 and will never be released in this colorway ever again. So I bet you're asking yourself "Enough already, how do I buy it ?"... well, he's gonna be available HERE at 12Noon CDT on Friday, May 24th for $85 each.

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