Mikie Graham's "Mechanized Mad Men" Android blind box series from Dragatomi - final reveal and release "Emperor Norton 1819 - 1880"!

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Over the past week we have been unveiling (one at a time) the seven custom Android designs that make up Mikie Graham's "Mechanized Mad Men" - his new blind box series releasing TODAY this Wednesday (5/15) at Dragatomi.com. Gathering together artists and innovators from all over the world, Mike hand picked his favorite under appreciated genius and wacky cult figures in hopes of bringing their unique and inspiring stories to a wider audience.
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"His madness keeps him sane."
The first and only emperor of America, Joshua Abraham Norton was in reality San Francisco's first and undoubtedly most beloved crazy homeless person. After losing his fortune investing in rice, Norton went a little crazy and decided that he was now "the emperor of America and the protector of Mexico." Living on the streets of San Francisco Norton gained a strong following from the local community who accepted his ridiculous new persona and treated him like the dignitary he had now proclaimed to be. Restaurants had special reserved tables for the emperor, he had his own box seat at the opera, and at one point he even minted his own currency which local shops and restaurants gladly accepted. In his time Norton made many grand and often ludicrous declarations, including calling for "the United States congress to be dissolved by force," and demanding that the government "build a bridge from Oakland to San Francisco".... the now famous Bay Bridge. At his funeral nearly thirty thousand San Franciscan's showed up to pay tribute to their once great emperor.
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Each MMM figure includes a customized 3" Android figure that comes powered by its own (removable) Playmobil representation of its creator (check out the previous reveals: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) In addition, each figure come packaged inside of a custom box with its own wooden display base that will include a mini print telling that character's personal story. Starting TODAY Wednesday May 15th at 12pm PST you can pick up your very own MMM custom HERE for $100 with free shipping, available exclusively through Dragatomi.

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