Marvel x Kidrobot - "Wolverine" & "Venom" Labbit's and Micro-Munny blind box HERO series!

 photo kidrobot-wolverine-venom-marvel-lozik-labbit-spankystokes.jpg
You may all remember our post HERE back in February during Toy Fair where we gave you the scoop on the upcoming Frank Kozik and Kidrobot deal with Marvel Comics... well, it appears to have come full circle and sites (HERE & HERE) are popping these up for pre-order with slated ship dates of August, 2013! As it stands right now, it looks like they are just pre-selling the 7" version of Wolverine and Venom... there is no word on the others, just yet, and do keep in mind that these are very rough vector mock-ups... I can't wait to see what the actual product looks like.
 photo marvel-kidrobot-munny-comics-spankystokes.jpg
Also revealed for pre-order is a Micro Munny Blind Mystery Box series as the MUNNYWORLD and Marvel Universe collide to create a collection of 8 figures. Now, these are Munny's so they are still DIY... but what does that mean??? Each box comes with a specific colored Munny, and that figure is paired with accessories and decals specific to a fan favorite Marvel character which by the looks of it includes, Thor, Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus, Captain America, Iron man, Hulk, Venom, and Wolverine! These look to be retailing for $8 a pop, and are packed with some serious fun!

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