Kidrobot's Dunny 2013... artwork revealed!

 photo Dunny2013-art-spankystokes.jpg
As the days go on, the closer and closer we get to the release of Kidrobot's next Dunny series, and just like previous years, it's so aptly called Dunny 2013! Today, we are getting a glimpse of some artwork created for this series by the super talented Kansas City based artist, Scribe... most likely the box art, and hot damn does it look good! We spotted this over on the Preview's website with the following copy "Step up! Step up! Prepare to be amazed!! Dunny Series 2013 invites you to tour the tent, point & wonder, and behold a collection of freaks for the geek you didn't know you were. Artists from off the beaten path and the road less travelled lure you to embrace the strange and scary. Featuring 20 designs across 14 artists, each artist applies his or her custom style to bring fantastic, eccentric and sometimes downright frightening designs to homes and shelves throughout the world. Are you afraid of the Kraken? Does Batboy make you squirm? Can you keep up with the Daredevil? Don't lose your nerve now; witness all the demented glory these abominations are and bring them home to haunt your dreams..." It's obvious by the art and the verbage that this is somewhat of a theme series... a Sideshow, or a Freakshow! In any case, I for one am really excited for the release... how about you?

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