Devils Head Productions GID "ALAVAKA" vinyl figures... released and ready to rock!

 photo ALAVAKA_ks_large.jpg
We have been posting up teasers for the past few weeks for this upcoming release, and now we have all the details for the second release of Devils Head Productions "ALAVAKA" figure! This particular release pays homage to the Secret Base kaiju spray New Year "Mantises" from 2005. These are glow in the dark vinyl with either neon pink, orange or green sprays. The orange and green are common with the pink being the rare “chase” much like the ratios Secret Base did. Each one comes bagged with a header and will be shipped out randomly. You can not choose the color you want, but orders of two or more will at least have an orange and a green and possibly a pink if you’re lucky. Go and try your luck HERE right now for just $49 a pop!

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