Argonaut Resins "Sekhmet Rising", "Armored Golem MK.1 Battlefield Cat", and "Tuttz Begining's" customs by Adam Pratt

 photo SekhmetRisingAdamPratt8inTuttz2.jpg
This coming Tuesday, May 14th at 10pm EST, Eric from Argonaut Resins will be releasing some 8" Tuttz customs and Tuttz Mini customs in his online store HERE by artist Adam Pratt, who has also signed on to be part of Argonaut Resins new creative team!!! Some seriously cool stuff is dropping, and for all you AR fans out there... these are a must! First up is the "Sekhmet Rising" which is an 8" Tuttz with a cracked design that sits in a bed of clear tint orange lava colored resin... really amazing looking!!!
 photo ArmoredGolemAdamPratt8inTuttz2.jpg photo Beginings3Apratt5.jpg
The second 8" Tuttz is the "Armored Golem MK.1 Battlefield Cat"! This custom resin figure features worn metal paint work that gives it a battle damaged look and feel... straight from the battlefield to your living room! The other half of the release will feature an all new set of the "Tuttz Begining's" figures... a tomb set #3 and set #4 with Egyptian workers that are very different from the previous two versions that were released. Each set will come with micro workers, loose scaffolding and a bag of sand so the collector can arrange the diorama the way they want... love these!

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