Zombie Fatcap & Starcraft Dunny... yes please!!!

 photo NRFTW_Set.jpg
Anthony Respect is at it again with another duo of customs... and as you can see from the photos in this post, he went all out as each piece comes with its own custom designed box... RAD! The first one is actually the very first in a series he had planned out a long while ago. The series is called No Rest For The Wicked (NRFTW), and is nothing but custom Fatcaps! According to Anthony "NRFTW, is your typical "zombie" apocalypse scenario, chemicals released unknowingly into a small town. Spreading this horrible infection and keeping people from an eternal slumber regardless of how decayed / damaged they have become." A fun project, and the end result being one cool looking custom!
 photo StarDunny_Set.jpg
The second custom is based on the game StarCraft, more specifically, one of its Space Marine characters. This was done on a post apocalypse cyborg Dunny by Huck Gee... and I really dig the way this turned out... especially with the mask on... a really rad piece! The only thing I don;t like about this piece, and it's just my opinion, is the painted face under the mask... seems a little incomplete... other than that, a bang up piece!!! If you all dig what Anthony is doing, hit him up on Instagram HERE and Twitter HERE... his webpage will be up shortly!

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