Vinyl Thoughts Nation "Dunny Blind Box Series 1" with Golden Ticket revealed and designs from Scott Kinnebrew!!!

 photo VTNBB1-GoldTicket.jpg
We posted up a teaser HERE back in January for the first blind box series from the Vinyl Thoughts Nation... and now we have info not only on the release, but on a few of the items/images of exclusive content that you will be seeing in this rad series... so let's get to it, shall we?!?! First up is the very elusive, and very prestigious Gold Ticket Item - "Alec of the Forest" - a collaboration Piece between Michael Lagocki and Cody Phillips... and as you can see, it's a full on custom diorama, a true prize worth the title of 'Golden Ticket'!!! The series features one hundred custom Dunnys and a slew of surprises. Three lucky buyers will find special Gold (posted above), Silver and Bronze (posted HERE) tickets which will win them a larger custom. Motorbot, Jason Chalker (Manly Art) and ianthegamer will all be giving away their original Artist Card art to collectors who pull their pieces and find winning tickets inside. The series also features several color variants and chase figures.

 photo VTNBB1-ScottKinnebrew.jpg
Up next on the exclusive tip, is Scott Kinnebrew's customs for the series including his chase figure... and oh how cool these look! Feel like getting into a brawl with these banditios, think again, cuz before you know it... you will be shanked! This is a really cool line of customs from Scott, and that chase is a nice touch!!! This entire series will be released Thursday, April 11th with a live release party in Dallas at ATAMA from 6pm-8pm.. The series, called "Made in Texas," features over twenty Texas artists and their custom Dunnys. The artist roster includes well-known names from the customizing community as well as artists brand new to the canvas of vinyl toys. Attendees will receive a free poster of the series as well as free beverages... and if there are any remaining pieces after the release party, they'll hit the Vinyl Thoughts shop HERE on Saturday, April 12th. The series will be sold Blind Box and retail for $50 per custom.

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