Planet Domu x RunDMB's "War Tourist" customs by Jon-Paul Kaiser, Stu Witter, MAp-MAp & more!

Sam "Planet Domu" Griffiths and RunDMB's 4-inch tall resin "War Tourist" has been getting a lot of well-deserved buzz lately, but — in the end — the art speaks for itself: This gorgeous platform has attracted some of the biggest names in toy customization within the UK to it, creating an artistic treasure trove of wonderful pieces out of the design. Who are we talking about? Jon-Paul Kaiser, A Little Stranger, MAp-MAp, Mimic, Mister Lister, Pete Fowler, Stu Witter (pictured above), Uncle Absinthe, and — of course — RunDMB himself. All these amazing pieces are available now in the Planet Domu online shop for a wide range of prices (from $180 to $535).

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