'Miquiztlicoatl' the Death Serpent from Jesse Hernandez & Kuso Vinyl... full "OG" colorway revealed!

 photo deathserpent-hernandez-kuso.jpg
Remember our last post HERE and HERE that revealed Kuso Vinyl's upcoming vinyl figure with Jesse Hernandez... the "Miquitzticoatl" aka Death Serpent??? Well, Kuso just sent over the above  color sample images of this awesome new figure... HOT DAMN!!!! Another large and in charge figure from Hernandez to dominate your toy shelf, and you know that since Kuso is producing it, this is going to be quality! It stands a whopping 9" tall and comes with a shield, spear, tail, and some seriously intricate design elements. There is no release or price info just yet, but if all the stars align, look for it to possibly release at SDCC 2013!

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