"MegaSeth" resin figures from Lisa Rae Hansen... available worldwide!!

 photo megaseth.jpg
Spotted at ToyCon UK as an exclusive, Lisa Rae Hansen of I Break Toys released in conjunction with Fugi.me her rad "MegaSeth" resin figure... and now he is a available worldwide. MegaSeth stands 4" tall, is a stout little fella who is full of metal angst and attitude. He is available in 2 hand painted colorways, 10 pieces of each color, making a total of 20 pieces.

 photo Megaseth-Box-Spades.jpg
There are 2 chase versions 1 in each colorway... but here's the kicker... he comes blind-boxed - so you don't know which one you will get - in a sweet looking collectors presentation box, along with special MegaSeth Rock Memorabilia, Gig Ticket Certificate, Mini Print, Guitar picks and Badges... the complete package, if you will, and seeing as there are limited numbers left... you best head on over HERE before they sell out!

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