LauraLorén's fashionable "Lola + Mimi" custom Munnys are fantastic!

Like some mother and daughter entrants into a beauty pageant, "Lola + Mimi" are a duo of fashion forward and feminine custom Munnys by LauraLorén. Constructed from a Mini Munny and Micro Munny respectively, Mimi also carries a customized IWG "Titus the Bear" as her trustworthy stuffed companion. Clad in exquisite one-shoulder black & creme silk dresses, they are additionally adorned with memorable headwear and Lola has some truly extravagant eye jewelry crafted out of silver chain. As always, LauraLorén creates a memorable and unique customs based not only her perspective as a woman but a fashion designer. Both pieces, as well as some of LauraLorén's previous creations, will be exhibited at the upcoming "In Your Face!" urban art gallery show in Augsburg, Germany from April 25th-28th, 2013.

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