FrankenFactory's new "WolfGirl" figures in Monster Kolor resin dyes!

It appears the winner of last year's Designer Toy Award for Fan Favorite, the resin cast WolfGirl, is coming full circle back to being self-produced. If I understand the timeline correctly, Shea "FrankenFactory" Brittain debuted the figure in 2011 as something she self-cast and painted but then, in 2012, a new version was released that Brittain had sculpted but was actually being cast by Mana Studios (though still hand-painted by Brittain). She has been teasing pictures of these fantastic looking WolfGirls made using Monster Kolor's resin dyes and those certainly look like the dyes in the background of some of the snaps… so I'm guessing Brittain decided to return to hand-casting the figures! What does this mean? Well, we'll probably be seeing a lot more one-off colorways hitting her online shop in the near future…

*** UPDATE *** Brittain has informed us that these actually were cast by Mana, though she does still cast her own small runs when she can.

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