Buff Monster x Healeymade - 'Melty Misfits' 80's throwback cheap toy's... release this Thursday!

 photo buffmonster_DoubleHeather.jpg
Continuing with his love for Garbage Pail Kids, artist Buff Monster showed off, once again, a brand new resin figure based on the GPK cheap toys from the 80's. Buff mentions that he had "Double Heather" re-sculpted from scratch, and it's being made by David Healey of Healeymade in Buff's 'Melty Misfits' style! According to Buff, these are going to be release in the 4 OG colors that you see above as a very limited quantity. The are going to retail for $15 a pop, and will be up for grabs as a set, or as individuals! Look for these to drop this coming Thursday, April 25th via Buff's online store HERE.

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