Brandt Peters's "Mortimer the Mortician" & Kathie Olivas's "Oliver the Bat Boy" from Artoyz!

If you recall last year's "Le Carnaval des Spectres" Circus Posterus-centric exhibition at Artoyz, then you might remember seeing the debut of two new figure designs: "Mortimer the Mortician" and "Oliver the Bat Boy" by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas respectively. As we originally teased, Artoyz has placed these figures into production and are happy to announce each being release in four different colorways! "Mortimer," a narwal-themed undertaker originally from the Carnies mini-series, is now a full 6-inches tall and comes with his trust straight razor & bottle of "Toxico" embalming fluid accessories. Olivas's "Oliver the Bat Boy," with a name that sound ripped from the Weekly World News but a look that is uniquely (and adorably) the artist's own, stands 6.25-inches tall and comes with two scavenger bird companions. Both figures will be available in four versions, each limited to 200 copies worldwide: Grey Scale, Turquoise Edition (which is glow-in-the-dark for Mortimer), Red Edition, and Purple Edition. Each figure, available in May 2013, will be $60 when released in the Artoyz online shop.

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