Brandt Peters "Mortimer the Mortician" & Kathie Olivas "Batboy" sculpts from Artoyz!

 photo artoyz.jpg
So if you were one of the fortunate few who attended the Circus Posterus collective show last year in Paris, France at Artoyz entitled "Le Carnaval des Spectres" you got to see some painted up prototypes (posted HERE) of the new pieces from Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters's. Well, Arttoyz recently posted up some images of the sculpts of the two figures "Mortimer", from Brandt Peters and Kathie’s "Batboy" figure which measures around 6" tall and comes with two bird companions... really cool! Although not much else is known... tune into the Circus Posterus website HERE for the most up to date info!

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