Amanda Louise Spayd's Little Pink Sack Rabbit for 'Stitched' @ The Clutter Gallery, 4/13!

Amanda Louise Spayd is among the multitude of uber-talented needle ninjas and sculptors taking part in Lana Crooks's Stitched exhibition opening at The Clutter Gallery this Saturday, and she's channelled some real vintage charm for this one. Sewn from an old hausfrau apron with a hand painted resin face and glass eyes, this snaggletoothed sack rabbit is the only handmade soft sculpture that Mandi will be contributing to the show, so get those requests in quick-like! A full reveal has yet to be seen, but the pic below might help you put the pieces together.

Stitched opens April 13th through May 5th at The Clutter Gallery in NYC (163 Main St., Beacon, NY 12508). A reception will be held opening night from 6pm to 9pm!

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