A house renovation based solely on homeowners prized-possession: Be@rbrick figurines... now that's love!!!

 photo bearhouse_8.jpg
Talk about dedication, or shall I say obsession?!?! Naaa, but in all fairness, you know all of us would kill to have a house as cool as this, to display your prized art figures... and that is exactly why these clients called upon architecture firm 'Onion' to make their dream a reality. This "Bear House" is located in Cha-Am Beach, Thailand, and as you can see from the images (more HERE) this amazing paradise features some beautifully incorporated architecture along with the love for toys and urban art! "The clients requested to renovate their three-story home around their prized-possession: Be@rbrick figurines. The renovation includes an exhibition space specifically designed to showcase the Be@rbricks, with enough space to house 17 figurines. The home mixes sterile and clean aesthetics with warm and natural tones. Timber and oak can be seen paneling the floors, walls, and even the ceiling."

 photo bearhouse_9.jpg
Scattered around the interior and exterior walls are bear inspired murals by Thai artists MMFK and P7, which really adds a nice color pop to the mostly all wooden interior... a really nice contrast!!! I personally could chill in this place really good... I mean, sleep, wake-up, check out the view, take another nap, sketch a little bit, eat something, be inspired, take another nap in another bed... this just screams inviting, and I for one am envious of this setup... how about you?

Source [TSURT]

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