REVEAL: Super7's ReAction Figures: Ridley Scott's Alien series!

From the brilliantly designed H.R. Giger creature creation down to the perfectly acted & fully fledged characters inhabiting the film, Ridley Scott's iconic 1979 movie Alien remains a fan favorite to this day with good reason. This classic piece of cinema was supposed to spawn a line of 3.75-inch action figures, which were made into prototypes but long assumed "lost"… until Super7 uncovered them and wisely opted to launch their new ReAction Figures line — which stands for Retro-Action Figures — using these seminal pieces of film history. While we had previously announced this release, Super7's Booth at the 2013 WonderCon proudly displayed four of the five figures in the series: the Alien (aka The Big Chap), Ripley, Ash, and Kane in Nostromo Suit, leaving only Dallas undisplayed. While difficult to read, the accessories and notables for each figure are also disclosed: the Alien will feature a removable dome, extendable teeth, and glow-in-the-dark head; Ripley and Dallas will each come with a flame thrower accessory; Ash will come with a motion tracker accessory; and Kane in Nostromo Suit will feature a removable helmet with clear plastic visor! As original promised, these action figures will be produced exactly the same as the original 70's and 80's lines, with classic style sculpting, T-shaped waists, five gloriously simple points of articulation, accessories, and period authentic blister card packaging. With the now announced price point of $19.99 per figure, we can't see this being anything but a massive success!

[Photo courtesy of Shea Brittain.]

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