'Cheese' the resin burger-headed creation from Bad Teeth Comic Strip!!!

 photo cheese.jpg
Glenn Manders, a young artist from Brisbane, Australia, sent over some info about a resin figure that he produced last year with Swampfiend... a static version of my character 'Cheese' from his Bad Teeth comic strip that has been running for 7 years. They ran a small run of yellow 'Mustard' & red 'Ketchup' colorways for the Australian Supanova comic-con which sold out immediately... and I can see why! I mean, how can you not find this cheese burger headed guy super adorable! Glenn mentions that even though these sold out, he is planning on doing other versions in the very near future. 'Cheese' is cute... but those fangs made of cheese tell a different story! Head on over to the main website HERE where you can stay up to date on all the happenings of the Bad Teeth comic strip, and the universe surrounding it!

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