REVEAL: Frank Kozik's "Bones Monger Bunny" Labbit from Kidrobot?!?

The Toy Viking himself took the above photograph, presumably at the 2013 Toy Fair which is currently happening in NYC, which clearly reveals a standing Labbit figure done in the bisected, bony style. Very similar in design to the 1.5-inch tall "Bones" Labbit from Mini Smorkin' Labbit: Now With Fried Chicken!*, this Frank Kozik creation appears to be at least as tall as the 7-inch "Major Lazer" Kidrobot Mascot… maybe even taller, like around 10"… and it appears to be a solid, regular looking rabbit on the backside! This new figure looks so nice and is begging for more colorways…

**UPDATE** We just got word from Frank himself about this figure... and he told us "It's rotocast vinyl, 2 colorways to start, about 10" tall, two sided, release number in the 500 units range, price is TBD, and it is slated for a May release date!" There we have it folks... any more info, we will float it your way.

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