Kathie Olivas Reveals 'King Rufus' Prototype!

Oooh, big news for Circus Posterus fans! Recently revealed via CP's Instagram account is King Rufus, the newest resin prototype from Kathie Olivas. Decked out in a soaring spiked crown and cotton overalls, this unassuming boy prince is a familiar face in the CP universe as he's based on KO's 'Sovereign' painting from Monsters & Misfits I. Given the scale of the other figures in the photo, he looks to be within the ballpark of 20 inches (regal headgear included), putting him in line with Kathie's smaller Lizzie sculpts. The resin handpaint will make his royal entrance as part of her upcoming solo exhibition at Stranger Factory this April and later as a production vinyl edition. More info as it emerges!

(with info from the CP blog)

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