Scott Tolleson's custom "Backstar" Fonzo for myplasticheart x Freak Store show!

Man, are you guys sick and tired of Scott Tolleson yet?!?! I know I am, and how many projects can this guy keep pumping out... I mean, come on... he has to have a small group of minions working for him as we have covered 3 stores today alone with projects from him. This go around we are focusing on the awesome custom Fonzo he created for the upcoming Freak Store sponsored "Fonzo Loves NY" custom show which is being hosted by My Plastic Heart and is going to open this Friday, January 11th, 2013!!! Titled "Backstar", Scott completed this piece just in the nick of time... but it really does show the amount of time and effort put forth... because this custom is production like. Scott's lines are super crisp, his colors are so clean... and I for one would love to see this custom turn to production... how bout you? Oh... one thing though, where is the argyle?!?! I bet there is some on the backside :-)

"Fonzo Loves NY" opens on January 11th and runs through February 3rd, 2013 at myplasticheart, 210 Forsyth St., New York, NY 10002.

Participating artists include: 64 Colors, ArtmyMind, Andrew Bell, Ardabus Rubber, Aya Kakeda, Alisa Ross, The Beast Brothers, Bonethrower, Burundanga Design, Chuckboy, Camilla d'Errico, Charles Rodriguez, Dave Pressler, Doubleparlour, Fuller Designs, Gary Ham, Greg Mike, Grimsheep, Gabriel Carpio, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Hydro74, Ian Ziobrowski, Jeff Lamm, Jermaine Rogers, Jeremiah Ketner, kaNO, Martin Hsu, Nakanari, Rsin, Scribe, SouthernDrawl, Scott Tolleson and Thomas Han.

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