*REVIEW* Pobber Toys x Jesse Hernandez - "OG" Jaguar Knight vinyl figure!!!

We recently had the chance to crack open a giant new figure... the long-awaited "Jaguar Knight" come designed by Jesse Hernandez and produced by Pobber Toys, and just like all our previous reviews, we recorded the video LIVE so we could interact with folks while talking about the figure... and above is the video of just that! First off, I gotta say, this figure is MASSIVE... one of the largest vinyl figures that I have seen. Standing almost 12-inches tall, this vinyl figure has 7 points of articulation and 2 accessories (the macuahuitl and shield)... which we had a little trouble getting the macuahuitl to fit in the hand, and one of the blades fell out... but that was fixed up with a little glue... and to be honest, that was my only complaint about this figure!
This is the second edition released, the first being the now sold out "Shadow" edition... and this "OG" version is limited to a mere 360 pieces with a price tag of $120! The construction and paint on the figure is really nice, and to reiterate, this piece is HUGE... just watch the video above for some size comparisons! This particular version also comes with a blind boxed all gold version as well! I know that $120 is nothing to sneeze at, but if you take our rule of thumb... $10 for every 1-inch of vinyl, this is exactly the perfect price for this sized figure... and it's the quintessential piece for an already established Hernandez collection!!! I would recommend picking one of these up... and if you don't have one yet, remember that this Saturday, January 26th, 2013 at Toy Art Gallery, Jesse will be on hand for the official release of this figure from 7pm-8pm signing and sketching with a reception to follow from 8pm-10pm!!!

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