Plastic Foundry x Naoto Hattori - "Ballerina" fine art print... launched today!

Plastic Foundry a brand new subsidiary of Mighty Jaxx is focusing on the fine art side of things and has been established as an one-stop destination for exclusive prints, one-of-a-kind high end art toys and sculptures... and to kick things off, they are starting out with their first ever print release. "Ballerina" by Naoto Hattori measures 16.5" X 23.4" is a archival pigment print and is being reproduced on 300gsm matte cotton textured fine art paper... so tactile!!! I love the furriness of this piece... and it's a little surreal seeing the entire being covered in it... even the dress.  If you are going to do prints, you gotta do them right, and these will be amazing! It's limited to 100 copies and is up for grabs HERE for just $40 a pop. I personally, look forward to seeing what other prints these guys are going to produce.

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