Lunar New Year giveaway on Android Collectibles Community... win ANDROID'S!!!

Did you miss out on that last Lunar New Year Android... well, most of us did, because it sold out fast, but the folks over at the Android Collectibles Community are offering up some crazy prizes in a contest they are hosting, and what a funny name "The almost great, but not as great as the last time Android Giveaway contest"!!! So here is the skinny... 
1. Comment in this post HERE

2. Answer the following questions in an email to jfclong@gmail.com
  • a. What object or item do you consider to be good luck?
  • b. What other events would you love to see celebrated by an Android Mini release in the future?
  • c. Are there any features you loved in previous releases that you'd like to see revisited? And why?
3. The hard part - Wait patiently until the 5th Feb, 2013 for winners to be announced. Contest is open NOW, closes on Feb 4th, 2013. Hurry up and win!
All of that being done will enter you to win a whole slew of awesome prizes including:
1st - Chinese New Year 2012 set of 3 - Blessing, Longevity and Fortune.
2nd - Cai Shen Android Mini from 2011
3rd - Android Mini Dancing Lion from 2013
4th - Android Mini Dancing Lion 2013
5th - Android Mini Dancing Lion 2013
6th - Android Mini Dancing Lion 2013
7th - Android Mini Dancing Lion 2013
8th - undisclosed - Lucky Red Envelope contents unknown ;-)
1st-7th may contain a bonus....

So I would say that this contest is totally worth entering... as not only can you win the exclusive LNY Android from this year, but some awesome ones from past years as well!!! Head on over HERE now for complete details and contest rules!

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