A Little Stranger's "Armour" & "I'm Listening" Limited Edition Prints!

Depicting young ladies with horns (or antlers, if you prefer), the painting talent of Holly "A Little Stranger" Stanway is coming along nicely; if you haven't heard, she's forcing herself to work in 2D throughout 2013 so she can master it! I find "Armour" (left) to be the more skillfully executed of the two, even though her straight on pose does kill the feeling multi-dimensionality, those eyes and that slightly smirking mouth can really drawn one in. "I'm Listenting" (right), on the other hand, has a nice twist to the body's pose but the head positioning is very flat, though — once again — the eyes and lips speak volumes here, with a sultry yet innocent appeal. Both pieces are available as extremely limited edition prints (only 5 of each!) for £30 (approx. $47.50) apiece in Stanway's online store.

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