A duo of Yosiell Lorenzo prints on wood… one even based on Edward Scissorhands!

Yosiell Lorenzo prepares to issue a pair of hand-stained prints mounted onto wood plaques. Above left is "Because you told me to," inspired by the classic Tim Burton film Edward Scissorhands, this measures 9"x11" and will come limited to 50 hand-numbered and signed copies for $45 each. Then on the right is the "We can bury your secrets here" piece measures 7"x9"... which just reeks of wrongness, which will be an open edition signed release for $30 apiece. Each plaque features beveled edges and come ready to hang, a coating of matte varnish to protect the piece. These prints will be available today (January 25th, 2012) at 11AM Pacific time in Lorenzo's online shop.

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