Help support Mighty Jaxx!!!

When Jackson Aw, owner of Mighty Jaxx, contacted me about a year ago mentioning that he was starting a new designer toy company... I gotta be honest, I was a little skeptical that this would be another one of those start-ups that just fizzled away... and boy was I wrong. After a little over a year, they have managed to produce some of the coolest looking figures on the market, and continue to do so with some fresh new talent that this scene has never heard of... and right now they are looking to expand their base operations... and that's where YOU ALL come in. They have launched a 'Project Rewards' campaign (just like Kickstarter) to help fund this growth, so you can head on over HERE and help them at many different tier levels, to snag up some rad items like the "Hug the Killer" by Nikopicto, and a rad Glow-in-the-dark "GID" Bad Apple by GOIN... some really cool prizes. So don't delay... go now, and support them as this will end 04/02/2013!

Source [Mighty Jaxx] Photo [Trampt]

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