Argonaut Resin's "I Love New York" blind boxes with Mini Tuttz, Pharoah Hounds & Sucio Mice!

Disappointed that you didn't snag anything in Argonaut Resin's "Holiday Hunt"? Well, now you have another chance! The "I Love New York" New Year's Hunt will run until 9PM Pacific time tonight (December 31st, 2012)! Appearing without warning in the online store — though some might be announced on Argonaut Resin's Twitter feed — will be Tuttz Minis, Pharaoh Hounds and Sucio Mice resin figures; in most of the blind boxes will be the below pictured "clear tint Ginger Breads, clear tint Halloweese, clear tint Mono and a clear tint Gato Caliente." So give the Argonaut's Twitter feed a follow and keep an eye on their online shop!

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