Eelus's "10A - A Decade with the Blade" is a book as art…

While just about anything can be elevated to a true work of art, very few take the time to do so… but not Eelus, who's brand new book — "10A - A Decade with the Blade" — is most certainly a work of art. Limited to 100 signed & numbered copies, this 140 page full-color book has multiple hand-finished pages featuring doodles and stencils in ink and spray paint, making each copy unique. Also included is Eelus's newest print release, "The Day the Stars Fell," which is a wonderful 8-color hand-pulled screen print on 300gsm Somerset paper. And the whole thing comes in a matte black presentation box with a silver foil 10A logo as well as four A6-sized photographs on high quality silk paper with individual ink-stamped authentication. This ten year retrospective of Eelus is available for pre-order starting today (November 28th, 2012) at 7AM Pacific time in the Freakshow Projects's online shop.

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