DeeTen's underwater archeology uncovers an "Atlantean Relic, Circa ???"

DeeTen's classically cracked concept of this "Atlantean Relic, Circa ???" showcases his typical melding of vinyl, metal, wood and acrylic together. With pristine metal parts hidden beneath a copper exterior (with a nice patina), DeeTen continues to astound custom after custom… And, as we've come to expect, the piece is accompanied by a wonderful backstory:
During the Expedition of 1886 into the parallel universe our explorers were led on a tour of their Thirteen Great Cities. One of these cities was Titan, the famed underwater city. Located in the center of the largest ocean Titan is one the hardest cities to reach aside from the floating city, New Alexandria. This Atlantean Relic, along with numerous similar pieces, was discovered submerged near the outer reaches of Titans border. Our explorers were shocked to discover the city of Atlantis had existed in this alternate reality as well as their own. As we shared our stories of Atlantis with theirs there were many similarities. The most prominent being both vanished and no longer exists. Titan has been excavating underwater sites for years trying to find the possible location of the ancient city. The most plausible location brought on the discovery of these relics. Thousands of these female statues have been recovered in one extremely large area and all on cliff edges. When the seafloor was mapped with all their locations it formed a circular outline roughly the size of a large city surrounding a crater. When these were gathered some were damaged, revealing machinery inside their bodies. After examination, the machinery was similar to their modern day technologies. The statue however dated thousands of years earlier. This has led them to believe Atlantis was the First Great City from which all other cities followed. The use of a mechanical statue seems useless; perhaps they were an ancient form of sensor? Or perhaps a silly luxury? Their circular formation around the crater brought upon many conspiracy rumors as well. Many questions arose during the expedition's stop at the Underwater City of Titan.
This custom was a commissioned piece and is sadly not available, but the artist does have several items currently in his online shop.

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