Hydro74 reveals his first 3" production Dunny!!!

It looks like the cat's outta the bag... literally as Hydro74 just posted up a photo via his Instagram with a blank Mighty Jaxx "Hell Lotus" figure which he states he needs to customize... but what is that beside it?!?!?! That's right folks, the FULL REVEAL of Hydro's new production 3" Dunny... and hot damn does it look good! Previously posted HERE, the figure - from what I can tell - features Hydro's intricate vector line work, and has the illustration of a jungle cat (maybe a leopard) on the face, in which his bottom jaw carries over to the body... so sick! It also appears to have an accessory of sorts, maybe a bat, or an axe! We still have nothing confirmed from Kidrobot yet about this series, but from all the teasers we have posted, it looks quite impressive!

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