What's 8" tall, full of veins, and multicolored once aroused?!?! Ask Leecifer...

Actually, if you ask Leecifer, he may just give you the answer you ARE NOT looking for, so I will just tell you... it's his new resin figure, "PickleBaby"!!!! Standing 8.25" at the back of the head, w/ magnetic articulation at arms and neck... this resin creation from Leecifer has come to life... and just wants a hug! According to Lee "The injured alien fashioned a body out of the first Earthly organic matter he came in contact w/, namely the abandoned cucumber patch he crashed in and the bones of the hapless pickle farmer buried there." Leecifer's "PickleBabies" are landing w/ an exclusive run, and many one-offs at Dragatomi this Halloween season for the upcoming "Bat Butts & Goat Guts" show opening Saturday, Oct 13th where Lee and Paul Kaiju will be taking over the entire gallery space with enough creatures, monsters, and oddities to make your head spin! Bat Butts & Goat Guts plus Rise of the PickleBaby!

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