*REVIEW* Lunartik in a Cup of Tea series 2 & "B.I.Y." loose leaf blanks for the artist in you!

We here at SS.com have been anxiously awaiting the release of Matt "Lunartik" Jones' second 'Cup of Tea' mini-series, and while we waited... we posted up a grip of teasers HERE, showcasing some of the new designs... and let's just say... they exceeded our expectations!!! Well, Matt sent over a few of these figures for us to review, and above is a LIVE video review that I just recorded that showcases some of the figures, as well as the packaging and a brand new "B.I.Y." blank tea for all you customizers out there. I have to say, I am pretty thrilled with how these came out, and if you want an in depth look at the figures, please watch the video, but I will dive into them a little bit below.
One of my biggest complaints with the entire 'Cup of Tea' series in general... and I think alot of you felt the same way, was the fact that there was nothing changing except for the colors of the little guy, and the tea cup. No graphic were being added, and it made the design somewhat stagnant... that being said, Matt heard our cries, and totally addressed this issue with a ton of actual pad printed designs throughout this new mini series. This series is comprised of 12 new colorways, 4 Special Brews, and 1 Super Rare Collectors Tea. There are 17 new Mini Teas to collect! They stand 2.5” tall and come packed in some of the coolest packaging I have ever seen for a toy... an actual tea cup with plastic lid... really cool! And for around $10 a pop, these are a great value for all that you get!!!

Also released around the same time, and I think it was a surprise to most, was the all white, do-it-yourself or D.I.Y... but in this case "B.I.Y." or Brew It Yourself 'loose leaf' tea! This is a really cool figure, and it comes really to paint and customize. One of the really cool things is that it actually comes taken apart, so you as a customizer, don't have to rip the figure apart, mess with joints until you are 100% ready to put him together to display... awesome! These retail for $10 as well... a great deal, and alot of fun!All of the products in this review get 2-thumbs up from me, and they can either be picked up HERE via Matt's site right now, or in most designer vinyl retail stores!

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